Spinning project
Seven Yaks #9
singles = Z plied = S
Tools used
Finished yarn
3.2 ounces, 310 yards: Purple, purple, purple

Started spinning 9/21/13. It’s the first spinning I’ve done since I broke 3 fingers on my left hand (8/13), and so far, I like how it’s turning out.

There are approx. 100g of fiber (see photo for what types), and I’ve split it into three bunches, about 33g each. I am planning to make a traditional 3-ply from a plying ball, and I am using my 7yaks spindle, which I really like! It doesn’t spin quite as long as some of my others, but I love that I can hook the yarn into just about anywhere on the whorl after I wind on, and it’s very balanced. :)

Here’s a link to 7yaks here on Ravelry, in case you want to look her up! She’s also got an Etsy shop.

02/12/14 - I’ve finished spinning the singles, and my last bunch yielded wayyy more yardage than the first two. I know this because I’ve already wound my plying ball (for a 3-ply) on my “ghetto” Lazy Kate, and I had a bit of one bunch left, and a LOT of the last bunch left. I’ve already plied a small amount of 2-ply, and a little N-ply with the last bits of singles, but have not yet measured those. Maybe I can 3-ply the rest before the end of the month?

02.15.14 - Finished plying! Soak and thwack tomorrow!!!

02.17.14 - Dry! Looks good! A little over-spun, maybe. Maybe not…I’d like it to be softer, but I am pretty happy with it overall. :) Socks? Can I bear to stuff this into my shoes? Maybe fingerless mitts…is it soft enough for my hands? Goodness knows what it will be…!

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