Spinning project
Terrible Tour de Fleece
A Terrible Thought
singles = Z plied = S
Tools used
3D Printed Turkish Spindle
Little Joe
Fiber used
Bitter Buffalo
4 ounces
Finished yarn
333 yards: A Terrible Thought

Sooo, I picked up this fiber at the Great Lakes Fiber Show in 2017 (just a couple weeks ago), and I can’t wait to get my hands into it! I just need to finish plying all that blue stuff, then I am coming for this! More to follow…

Going to spin this for the Tour de Fleece 2017! It is 85%SW Merino, 15% Nylon.

July 3, 2017 - I split the fiber in half first, pretty evenly. Then I split each half into fourths, intending to spin from opposite ends for each half, to try my hand at a fractal spin! So far, I am almost through the second ball (of 8). Loving how the fiber spins!

July 12, 2017 - I finished spinning the singles last night, so I am letting them rest today…well at least until I get off work. My plan is to wind a plying ball this evening, and work in the twist tomorrow evening at knitting group! I cannot wait to see this as yarn!

July 13, 2017 - at the last minute, I doubt my ability to ply all of the yarn onto one of the standard turks, and so I have also brought my Little Joe to knitnight to ply with. I think I will not regret this decision! (ETA - the plying took 3.5 hours! It was totally worth it, and my shoulders are ok the next day!)

July 14, 2017 - I am surprised that the gray is reading so close to purple, but I honestly love everything about this skein! The soaked and snapped skein is still drying, I will get a final weight when it is no longer damp. I cannot wait to knit this!!!

Now that this is finished, I think I have a plan for the yarn. I have a pound of variegated gray fiber, and if I can spin that close to the same gauge (I think I can. I think I can. I think I can!), then I can pair this with the gray for a sweater!!! Now the only question is: Stripes or Colorwork???

July 21, 2017 - after looking at this yarn a bit longer, I have reclassified it as sport weight. I think that’s a better guestimate. At some point, I should think about actually measuring WPI…lol!

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