Spinning project
Natural Sweater Spin
Tools used
Kiwi Spinning Wheel
Ashford Traditional
Fiber used
Natural Merino
Finished yarn
883 grams, 1214 meters: Cable Merino
Remaining: 327 meters, 177 grams
2 projects
Hand Spun Natural Sweater 706 grams
Handspun Folkston Hat

Spinning for another sweater. This time undyed. Originally I wanted to spin a 3 ply (the last sweater I made is 2ply and it pills), but I bought two separate bundles of natural light merino and they are different colours, so 4 ply it is! Cable yarn seemed ideal.
I tried a sample and it knit up beautifully, lovely and soft. I kept rubbing the sample and it never seemed to pill.
I divided the bundles into about 30g sections to spin the singles with. The 2 ply filled up the regular bobbins, so when I spun the final cabled yarn I used my old spinning wheel (Kiwi) with the jumbo bobbins.
I have also discovered that 4 ply really takes care of a lot of unevenness in my spinning.
I spun the singles S, first plying Z and the final plying S (a little sticky arrow really helped me keep track of which direction I was spinning - other than that I had no problems spinning singles in the opposite direction).
Spinning woolen, backward draw, letting the twist enter the fibre (I find this the fastest way to create yarn).
Spun during Tour de Fleece 2015.

Skeins -
20g, 26m (sample skein)
138g, 175m
117g, 164m
106g, 158m
123g, 180m
128g, 167m
131g, 180m
120g, 164m

Total 883g, 1,214m (Over 4 km of singles alone!) Almost 60 hours of spinning!

I enjoyed the first half of this sweater spin, but half way through I just wanted it to end - too much of the same, I think I will stick to multi coloured sweater spins from now on.
Spinning cable yarn was a good challenge and I think will result in a hard wearing sweater - the yarn is incredibly soft though.
I had two bundles of fibre - one was the best fibre I have ever spun, it was so easy, but the other was one of the worst (it was very greasy too, I don’t know if this had any thing to do with it not drafting). I am glad that I alternated them while spinning.

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