Earthy Bubble Crepe

Tools used
Babe Spinning Wheel
Fiber used
Merino/Bamboo/Silk Top
Merino/Bamboo/Silk Top
1 project
A Wee Tree
0 skeins

Will make a 3-ply crepe yarn.

Spinning 1 braid of dyed top clockwise. Spinning the other counter-clockwise. Spinning undyed fiber for a thick(and thin) single clockwise. Plying the first dyed single and the thick single together, counter-clockwise with twice the normal twist. Plying the plied yarn with the second dyed single together clockwise for finished yarn.

1st skein finished 9/28/13= 84 yards
2nd skein finished 10/10/14 = 117 yards

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June 2, 2013
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