Spinning project
Inglenook Batts
Tools used
TexasJeans Birdseye Maple Russian
Jenkins Granadillo Finch
Fiber used
Elven Batts
3.4 ounces

3000 ypp
6.61 yards per gram
4 g on spindle, 7 g on bobbin = 11 g
73 yards for spinzilla 2014

Oh boy, resurrecting this project for Spinzilla 2018! (God I haven’t finished a spin in so damn long…)
Using Jenkins Finch, in addition to the above Russian spindle.

Small 2-ply skein for spinzilla = 80 yards plied, which counts as 160 yards for spinzilla (since one of the plies was spun previously).

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October 6 2014
work in progress
In progress
  • Created: October 9, 2014
  • Updated: October 10, 2018