Loop! Bumps 2-ply

Elf and Kermit Coordinate
Tools used
Babe Spinning Wheel
Lendrum Wheel
Fiber used
Elf Bump
Kermit Coordinate Bump

Going to spin each bump as its own single and ply together.

11/11/13 - Started spinning Elf bump

11/7/14 - Resurrecting this to take part in the Nov-Feb ‘14 CTA challenge

11/19/14 - Hibernating again b/c I’ve realized spinning fine merino on my Irish tension wheel sucks!

10/6/2018-- Resurrecting this again to take part in Spinzilla 2018! I’ve already spun up the Elf Bump single, and for spinzilla am counting the Kermit Coordinate single and plying steps.

Spun 70 g for Spinzilla, 10 y = 1 g, so approx. 700 yards
YPP measured 7,050 and 70g/453.6g = 0.15 of a pound, so 0.15 pound * 7,050 yards per pound = 705 yards

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November 11, 2013
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In progress
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