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Special Wolf Mitts for iamsunshine09
the woodsy association by tiny owl knits
Special Spoilee
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Aug 1
Spoilee has received the package so I can post these now. Next time, I’m knitting them 2AAT because my gauge was noticeably different when I started knitting the second mitt.

Duplicate stitches these babies afterward and it was super fun! (Except for the gazillion ends I had to weave in…) Seaming was also not as terrible as some people have made it out to be. It went quite quickly, actually!

The ribbing on the wrists were modified to be longer than in the pattern because I didn't check gauge. It was BO with some weird yarn over cast on that was supposed to be JSSBO but the video I watched switched up their stuff…

Next time, I’ll try to knit these 2AAT in the round with thumbs and weave in ends for the duplicate stitching as I go.

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July 2013
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