Baby African Flowers Blanket
January 7, 2012
February 17, 2012

Baby African Flowers Blanket

Project info
African Flower Hexagon by Lounette Fourie & Anita Rossouw
Cousins expected babe
Hooks & yarn
3.75 mm (F)
Brown Sheep Cotton Fine
Tangled Yarns


Two weeks of being monogamous to one project and I have a finished Baby African Flowers Blanket!

Must be some sort of record for me….but I had so much fun with the colours that I couldn’t stop.

This is the lightest, sweetest little blanket in our Brown Sheep Cotton Fine - ideal for this time of year.

I ended up going for a rectangular blanket instead of my originally planned square. I have 5 rows of 10 flowers and 4 rows of 9 flowers (plus a half flower at either end).

There is approximately 5-10 grams left of each of the 7 colours and I used 4 balls of the white to join the flowers and edge the blanket.

Since I am still on my yellow kick I couldn’t resist adding a simple double crochet border to finish the blanket off.

I am keen to pick up one of my other blankets now but think my hands need a break from crochet for just a little while….might be time to cast on something instead!

100 flowers done!!!
Onto the edging and joining….

I have a cousin that is expecting a little girl to join their family later this month or early February.

An African Flower Blanket is just what every new little girl needs…

I am using a selection of seven summery colours and have a production line going to make sure I finish this in time.

Aiming for a 1 metre x 1 metre throw I will need 100 flowers so I have started by doing all of the teeny, tiny little centres (they are the most fiddly and time consuming).

Next up is the rest of the flower rounds and when they are all finished I will lay them all out to work out the colour placement before edging them all in two rounds of white.

I will also make some ‘half flowers’ to even up the straight edges.

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January 7, 2012
February 17, 2012
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