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Cotton/Linen Featherweight
April 1 2015
September 20 2015
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Cotton/Linen Featherweight
Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig
Needles & yarn
Coned cotton--inherited yarn
fine linen thread--inherited yarn
royal blue
rough-spun linen--inherited yarn

Love the feel of the swatch! Love that I am using some of the FREE coned yarn that I got from a weaver’s stash.

I redistributed the neck stitches to put more of them in the sleeve area. Pattern calls for 2 stitches there, I used a number closer to 15 percent of the cast on stitches. I may end up increasing more quickly as well. I need more fabric in the shoulder area than the pattern gives me.

At about 5.5 inches down I decided that the sleeve cap wasn’t big enough so I started doing double increases on each side of the raglan “seam.” (M1LKfb slip marker KfbM1L) I did this every other right side row 5 times. Now I think I have enough fabric, but I will keep monitoring.

Sleeves are almost done and they seem to fit well and the shoulders seem to be better, too. Won’t be sure until it is done--trying it on without the front bands could be a little misleading.

As I got to the bottom of the sweater and decided that I might run out of one of the three cones of yarn so instead of the edging I elected to do a hem. Did one purl row and then used only two yarns to do about another 3/4 inch. I will turn it up and sew it down for a nice non-bulky, finished hem.

After the hem, picked up around the front and neck and used a seed stitch border same as for the sleeves.

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April 1 2015
September 20 2015
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