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Yarniacs Q4 #LoveYourStash
October 1 2015
December 31 2015
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Yarniacs Q4 #LoveYourStash
Needles & yarn

Theme is “love the old stuff”

Goals draft
OLD Yarn Stash
Color Affection using stash DK yarn (plus a third color that I purchased
Resurrect Ruana from first fleece handspun Cotswold
Done! Rewashed and reskeined yarn. Measured yardage. Ready to put on loom.

OLD Fiber Stash
Use a significant amount of this:
Most of a 9 lb Wensleydale fleece (over a decade old)
All washed, most carded and spun. Only 1 lb left to card.
6 lbs of processed CVM (over 5 years old) spinning a bulky yarn on the Salish Spinner
about 4 lbs of washed lincoln (over a decade old)
carded a couple of batts and decided to use the rest for mulch.
3 suffolk quilt batts (over a decade old)
Not touched.
Charlotte (over 15 years old) All 1 lb and 6 oz carded.Some batts blended with dyed mohair for fun.
about 1 lb CVM unprocessed (over 5 years old) All but a small amount of the darker coarser bits are fully carded. Blended with dyed mohair.
A random bag of left-over meat sheep (suffolk x?) that was kept from the processor for home use.
1 lb and 3 ounces all carded.
3-4 lbs of dyed mohair locks (over a decade old)
Being used. See above

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October 1 2015
December 31 2015
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