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False twins
LoveSocks by Devon Clement
64 st (M)
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
US 0 - 2.0 mm
32 stitches and 40 rows = 4 inches
in Stockinette st
310 yards
Garnstudio DROPS Fabel
76 yards in stash
0.66 skeins = 148.0 yards (135.3 meters), 33 grams
October 19, 2016
Garnstudio DROPS Fabel
614 yards in stash
0.5 skeins = 112.0 yards (102.4 meters), 25 grams
October 19, 2016
Phildar Phil Folk 50
none left in stash
0.22 skeins = 50.5 yards (46.2 meters), 11 grams
May 2016

Rated this pattern “impossible” for the 1st time in my whole life
1/ because of my incapacity to make the heart correctly
2/ because of the mistakes in the pattern.

Next time use only the chart.


Tubular CO 68 - 2mm needle
12 rounds ribbing - 2,25mm needle
1 round K with MC decreasing 17th & 34th stitch on each needle


15 stripes before heel
Made 2 mistakes in the heart and salad with my surnumerar 2 stitches and the Fleegle heel.
And some more salad when decreasing the gusset

18 stripes before toes.
Decreased to 10st over 20 rows (9 x every other row and 2 x every row)

1st sock done: 12h 10mn - ends woven in
Never found knitting a sock that long !

Sock 1: 33gr - 22r grey - 13 gr white - 1 gr rubis
where are the 3 missing gr ?


1st sock I had attached the yarn at every stitch for the heart. The result was a little weird but ok.
For the 2nd sock I decided to attach the yarn every 3 stitches, as many knitters seem to do.
The result is horrible and very very tight but I won’t rip it back because I’m assuming that this sock will be a much better fit than the other !

Found a mistake in the heel turn that explains (perhaps) the salad I did with sock 1 grimacing:
On row 2 if you P4 your heel is not going to be centered
you should P5 but then you’ ll end with 18 st instead of 16

There’s also a mistake in the gusset decreases (every salad i made is explained !!):
there’s no indication where to begin the rounds, so if your begining point is the same as before heel, you begin after the marker.
So your decreases are not on the same round.
Or round 2 should be: K1 SSK k to 3 st before next marker K2tog K1 SM K to end


2nd sock done: 11h 37mn - ends woven in
But, it is slightly shorter and narrower than the 1st one…

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This project is an UGH!
December 8 2016
December 19 2016
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