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Red Eternal Sunshine Tunic
October 5 2016
October 19 2016
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Red Eternal Sunshine Tunic
Tunic with Big Round Motifs by
Hooks & yarn
2.25 mm (B)
Fingering (14 wpi)
6 skeins = 1248.0 yards (1141.2 meters), 297 grams

The pattern calls for 100 % cotton. I’ve decided for warmer tunic - winter is ahead :). Will use 4 ply red wool/acrylic yarn from my knit pullover. Hope the yarn will be perfect for Eternal Sunshine tunic.


Looks like a very detailed pattern with great charts. I made 3 big motifs, 2 halves and 2 small motifs yesterday. Simply could not stop :) crocheted for about 4 hours, it goes pretty fast. Love how big motifs look like but I’m not good with small motifs, need to practice more.


Did 25 rows of one lace panel, took about one hour. Will continue over the weekend.


Saturday: finished diagram 1b back, already washed.
Sunday: finished diagram 1a front. One motif made my own way - noticed that it was different too late, when I had connected it to others. :(


It seems I have not enough red yarn for both sleeves :(.


I ran out of yarn, opted to create this sleeveless top. Can’t seem to crochet anything without putting my own spin on some parts :). I had to modify the neckline without sleeves and it turned out beautifully.

Used 6 balls of 4 ply
50%wool, 50%acrilic
1248 yards
Size M

It took me 2 weeks to finish because of how intricate it is. Clear diagrams on all aspects were very helpful, I did not used much of the written pattern, only to check that I understood properly how to proceed. Was a good project to stretch my skills.

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October 5 2016
October 19 2016
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