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Aragorn Sweater
November 10 2007
December 2 2007
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Aragorn Sweater
Seamless Hybrid by Elizabeth Zimmermann
My man of the north :P
Needles & yarn

What sort of sweater would Aragorn wear? Well this is my answer to that age worn question :P

This is an embellished EZ Seamless Hybrid. I made a few changes to the original percentage system allowing for a bit of a larger sleeve width/shoulder. I ended of with sleeve tops at 40% of K and finished off the rest as usual. I also made the neck hole a touch larger than what the pattern says.

This I did to allow for more range in motion for the arms since this was for a climbing sweater.

I also made it a bit longer in the back. This allows him to climb and raise his arm to reach for holds without exposing his kidneys to a whoosh of cold air.

Knitted from bottom up, I did a provisional cast-on and then once I was done the sweater, I picked up the live stitches off the vertical cable pattern coming down the side and proceeded to finish the bottom back hem.

The cables are traditional aran patterns. The only funky part was figuring out the turn at the bottom corners which was done by short rows and 2 stitch decreases initially. My first try ended up with a rounded corner and I wanted something sharper and more ‘elvish’ so I decreased the short row by a single stitch each row.

Took me a good part of a month. More because of the mileage than anything. Didn’t realize just how long DH’s torso was until I knitted him a sweater.

BTW, I’ve been with DH for 10 years, married for the last three and this is the first sweater I’ve ever made him simply because of fear of the boyfriend sweater curse. Hopefully this sweater doesn’t jinx the marriage :0

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November 10 2007
December 2 2007
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