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Hubert II

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August 23 2013
August 28 2013
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Hubert II
Knitted Ultimate Squirrel by Brigitte Read
a colleague who loves squirrels
tinr on ravelry
Needles & yarn
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
2 threads wool, 1 thread mohair
squirrel brown
eBay seller - can't remember

My workmate used to feed the squirrels in the back garden of our offices, the first of which she named “Hubert”. When our company moved to a new place without any gardens, I made Hubert II for her as a souvenir. It’s a first: I never knitted a stuffed animal before!
The pattern is very well written and worked even for me. - I don’t really like these fiddly knits where the instruction says: cast on 4 stitches and distribute them on four needles. I prefer patterns saying: cast on 600 stitches, and knit 500 rows, or so ;-)

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August 23 2013
August 28 2013
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