Rebel Lace Cardi
December 7, 2012
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Rebel Lace Cardi

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Rebel Lace Cardi by Jennifer Hansen
Hooks & yarn
2.75 mm (C)
SMC Select Belisia
1392 yards in stash
Purplelinda Crafts

10th December 2012:
I’ve swatched in two different yarns for this, and I’m glad I did. While the Baby Bamboo has a wonderful texture, it isn’t stretching out like it should (perhaps down to the 20% wool content). The 100% cotton is giving me perfect gauge. It doesn’t feel quite so soft, but the handle has improved after washing. I’m going with this yarn.

18th December:

Actually, the Baby Bamboo was fine when it had dried properly, and had much better drape. A viscose yarn I tried had even better drape, but was a nightmare to work with and way too shiny. However, if I can’t get the right colour in Baby Bamboo (quite a limited range), I’m going to send away for some Lucci cotton tape like the original pattern calls for. Either that or Rowan Pima Cotton…

I don’t think I’ve ever swatched so many times for one pattern!

Getting 24 stitches to 4” with the latest yarn.


Got back to this in the summer and made another swatch with a new yarn (SMC Belisia in navy). Really like the drape and texture of this cotton tape yarn. Works up at 24 stitches to 4”, so I’ll try starting the back with a 3mm hook, and frogging if I don’t get the right gauge in the first row. Yeah, I can’t be bothered with another swatch. This is four already!


I’ve been slowly working on this over the year, and am now on the third row of the collar. Loving the new skills I’ve been picking up, and Jennifer’s online instruction is great.

Alterations: I’ve had to add three more rows to the lower back as it wasn’t hitting me at the waist. Not sure why as I was certain I had gauge. Perhaps it’s drafted for someone with a shorter back? It’s only just skimming my waist now, but I’m banking on the lower edging weighing it down a bit.

Mistakes: There’s something up with the pattern on one side of the central spine (the last row of broomstick loops before working the centre spine), as it doesn’t look symmetrical. I feel like there should have been a row of single crochet or even slip stitches to tie together the broomstick stitches. I’m considering working a row of surface chaining to hold them together, but will wait until the rest is finished. Have posted close up pic to show what I mean.

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December 7, 2012
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