Winter cardie
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October 6, 2012
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Winter cardie

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The Go-Everywhere, Go-With-Everything Cardigan by Laura-Jean Bernhardson
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US 7 - 4.5 mm
Rowan Pure Wool DK
1088 yards in stash
Marmalade Yarns
October 6, 2012

I need a winter cardie that will go under coats easily. Not sure about the lack of waist shaping in this one, but it’s a cute cardie and if I make it in the smallest size, I’m hoping it will flatter.

11th October, 2012:

I’ve swatched (not washed and blocked yet), but it looks like I’ll have to go up to a 4mm needle to get the gauge. I’ve come to the conclusion I must knit pretty tightly! I’m a bit concerned about the bottom rolling, and want to use the swatch to experiment with the crochet edging before deciding how to knit the real thing. I might use some rows of garter stitch at the bottom and cuffs if the rolling is unacceptable.

17th October:

Washed the swatch in the machine and it didn’t change size at all. Ended up having to go up to a 4.5mm needle, but I love the drape of the fabric. Am working three rows of garter stitch at the bottom to help with the rolling issue.

7th November:

I haven’t had much knitting time lately so this could take a while, but I’ve nearly finished the first front side piece. I started working the neckline shaping at the same place as the armhole shaping, as the original neckline was too high for my liking. Hope I can finish this before winter is out!

17th January:

Hmmm… my gauge seems to have completely changed over knitting the back, and now I’ve completed the second front piece which has ended up about an inch wider than the other. This cardie is going to be baggier than intended. I might end up doing some surface crochet to cinch it in a bit at the waist and add some decorative detail.

I’m also going to have to recalculate the stitches to cast on for the arms, as I definitely don’t want them all baggy. Should be easy enough, though. Am I going to have to reknit that original front piece, though?

14th September 2013:

Have picked this up again after a long hiatus. Am reknitting the first front piece so it’s the same gauge as the other one. Then I’ll deal with the arms and hopefully actually manage to wear this baby before Christmas :)

4th October 2013:

Finished the second version of the right front piece. Am now knitting one of the arms. Have only cast on 34 stitches, because I don’t want super baggy sleeves. Here’s hoping I don’t end up having to reknit the entire back piece too, but I will if I have to to get a good fit.

July 2014:

Currently hibernating this one as I’m pregnant. Will begin work again when I’ve lost the baby fat!


Mostly lost the baby fat and want to get this finished! Looks like I only need to knit half a sleeve. Bit concerned about how this will look all sewn up, but there’s only one way to find out…

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In progress
October 6, 2012
work in progress
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