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Gillian's latest rainbow
December 9 2018
January 8 2019
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Gillian's latest rainbow
ADVENTurous Wrap by Ambah O'Brien
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm

ALL THE YARNS. With special thanks to Chantelle, Teresa, and Jenn, for their contributions!


I ended up using 28 different yarns — more than in the pattern, so I just adjusted the striping sequence where needed. It does make for rather a lot of ends, but I love the result. I worked towards the speckles on both halves, and used the same speckly skein on both so they match where they meet, though I also had pinkier and greenier speckles to ease from the saturated tonals into the speckles.

I actually prefer the “wrong” side, where the stripes blend together even more thoroughly than on the “right” side.

I am grafting this rather than doing a 3-needle bind-off; I prefer the smoother and more reversible join.

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December 9 2018
January 8 2019
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