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A Squish for Ewan
January 2017
July 11 2017
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A Squish for Ewan
the beekeeper's quilt by tiny owl knits
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The uptownknitmob made this for Andrea and her wee boy Ewan. It’s intended more as a play mat than a blanket, really. johannab made hexis that have activity value — one with a bell, one with a squeaker, one with crinkle stuffing, one with a pocket, and one with eyes! We decided to crochet join the puffs together, for stability.

In the end, I think I knit 43 of the puffs, and I’m estimating about 16 yards per puff (REALLY roughly — based on about 4 gr per puff, and about 400 yards per 100 grams of fingering weight wool, just for the sake of argument), so for stashdown purposes that’s 688 yards of hexis (all made with deep stash).

I also did about half of the joining, and all of the border, but that’s with newly purchased yarn contributed by mckee309, so I suppose that counts as stash-up. I’m estimating that I used a little over half the skein of yarn, or about 250 yards, for my part in that.

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January 2017
July 11 2017
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