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Wise Old Owl
May 29 2014
May 31 2014
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Wise Old Owl
Owlish Netbooksleeve by Corrisande
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Various Worsted Yarns

Instead of casting off and knitting the flap separately, then sewing it on, I am going to keep knitting in the contrast color and decrease to the point.

I also attached the orange for the beak and crocheted directly from the flap, rather than sewing it on.

I wish I had knit it doubled and in the round rather than long and flat and seamed. If I had it to do again I would have cast on 58 sts and centered the cable on either side and bound off both sides together, then picked up sts for the flap from the open end, knit down to the 6 sts, and PU sts to crochet the beak on that end.

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May 29 2014
May 31 2014
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