March 17, 2009
March 25, 2009


Project info
Nordstrom Hobo Bag by Dao Lam
Hooks & yarn
5.0 mm (H)
6.0 mm (J)
Yarn Bee Dreamy Chenille
1427 yards in stash
1.3 skeins = 213.2 yards (195.0 meters)
Hobby Lobby in Texas

As soon as I saw this on Mason204’s projects, I knew I had to have it, thus the name. I also knew the chenille in my stash would be perfect for it and I was right. I LOVE IT! It’s SO soft I just keep caressing it!

Recommendation: Place the magnetic strap between layers of fabric lining or the metal tongs used to secure it from fabric CAN start to wear away your yarn

Finished measurements in the yarn I used: 15.5” x 9.5”. Final weight (yarn only - excluding fabric and handle) is exactly 4.5 oz.

This crochets up from the bottom, so I did the chain 44 to begin with 2 yarns at once, and then cut one to do the rest with just one yarn. That should make the bottom sturdier.

I had heard that crochet takes up more yarn, they weren’t kidding! This was about 1 1/3 skeins.

3/20/09: Finished crocheting!
3/28/09: Finished the lining but will wait to sew it on until I have the handles.
4/09: Couldn’t find any handles or strap I liked but did find a 1” woven man’s belt at Walmart for $10 which is what I used and it came out wonderfully. I cut off the ends of the belt, securing the fabric with some Gorilla Glue first, then I slipstitched with some heavy acrylic yarn. Perfect!!!!!!!!
5/09: I must say the handle for this bag was the most challenging part. I didn’t like the D ring setup I had originally used as the chenille yarn is very soft and it kept slipping around the ring. I ended up removing the D rings which I had crocheted on. I attached that woven man’s belt which I used for my strap to the lining of the purse instead. It turned out to be a great strap choice because being fabric, I was able to simply sew it to the lining (between lining and purse, so the end of strap is hidden) - then I sewed the lining to the crochet as before. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, that woven man’s belt from Walmart is a tiny bit stretchy, so the strap won’t ever cut into my shoulder.
8/09: Yarn update…..I wasn’t sure how this warn would hold up to constant wearing, but it’s doing beautifully. I’ve been wearing this purse non-stop and there’s no thinning of the yarn as can happen with chenille.

NOTE about magnetic snaps: I’ve noticed the back part of my snap is tearing through my yarn. No biggie, I caught it in time & can cover it up with fabric and redo the stitches so you’ll never know it happened. I really recommend if you’re going to use the kind, as I did, that pokes through the fabric lining and comes in contact with your yarn, that you cover the metal up with fabric so it doesn’t fray the yarn later.

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March 17, 2009
March 25, 2009
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