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Scarlet Letterman
September 8 2014
October 17 2014
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Scarlet Letterman
The Scarlet Letterman's Jacket by Megan-Anne Llama
small (32")
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
US 7 - 4.5 mm
1,267 yards = 11.52 skeins
Knit Picks Shine Sport
205 yards in stash
6.14 skeins = 675.4 yards (617.6 meters), 307 grams
Knit Picks
Knit Picks Shine Sport
288 yards in stash
5.38 skeins = 591.8 yards (541.1 meters), 269 grams
Knit Picks

Modifications/techniques used in bold. My mods were to make this a much more fitted sweater, plus a few small personal stylistic changes.

Planned to have no ease. Ended up with ~1.5” positive ease.
(Designer recommends 1-2” positive ease, but I prefer my sweaters to be fairly fitted, and the next size up would give 4” positive ease.)

Testing thread

Color A: Robot
Color B: Pageant

A for AtomicAthena! Or Angela. =P

9/8: Cast on using knitted cast on.
Will measure gauge after a few rows to ensure I’m close.

9/10: Unblocked gauge 20 sts x 26 rows = 4”.
Stitch gauge spot on, row gauge a bit small. Should be ok, though. Pattern is written for knitting to length, not number of rows.
Yeah, this didn’t work. The gauge changed when washed/blocked. By a lot…

9/15: Yoke completed.
Went by stitch count, rather than length since 11 in is a bit deep for my preference. Actual color seam length 9.5 in.
Pattern has been changed to a 9” yoke depth based on tester feedback.

9/16: Separated arms.
Used backwards loop cast on for underarm stitches.

9/21: Finished body.
Started ribbing after 23 inches. Worked one round in Color B before starting ribbing to avoid “icky dots.” This extra row was not counted as part of the 16 rows of K2P2 ribbing. JSSBO as per pattern.

9/22: Started sleeves using magic loop.
SSK at end of decrease rounds instead of k2tog to form a nice “seam.”

9/28: Finished one sleeve.
Started ribbing after 15 inches. Again, worked one round in Color A before ribbing.

9/30: Finished second sleeve.
Matched sleeve length using row counts (72 rows after last dec row) to ensure sleeves are an exact match. (This takes out the uncertainty of the knitting stretching during measurement.)

10/6: Finished button holes.
Used backwards loop cast on on the ws to close the button holes. I’d suggest trying to line up your buttonholes such that they are on the knit rib rather than the purl rib like I have.

10/7: Finished collar.
Again, got rid of “icky dots” by knitting first round of color changes in stockinette.

10/8: Finished weaving in ends.
Used 5/8” buttons since I couldn’t find 1/2” ones locally. Sewn on through both layers of collar and lined up with the inner edge of the Color A stripe.

10/9: Started pockets, sweater wet blocked.
Yarn grew much more during blocking than I was expecting (raglan seam is now 11” and chest measures 34”). Guess it’s not a very fitted sweater anymore…oops!

10/14: Finished and wet blocked pockets.
Used sloped bind off (pg 158 in “Cast On, Bind Off” by Leslie Ann Bestor).

10/17: Finished seaming pockets.
Backstitched around pockets twice for extra stability, and to ensure no holes.

While the pattern suggests 40" circulars, you can easily get by with ~30" ones, at least for the size I made (small/32"). Oops…you totally need the full 40” once you get to the button band!

Note on yarn: Cotton stretches when washed. If you choose to use a cotton or cotton blend MAKE A SWATCH AND WASH IT! While intended to be fitted, the cotton stretched and made this more of a “boyfriend fit” baggy sweater.

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September 8 2014
October 17 2014
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