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Movie Knitting - Potions HW
November 1 2009
November 30 2009
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Movie Knitting - Potions HW
curly-edge pullover by Melanie Falick
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
US 10½ - 6.5 mm
Bernat Softee Chunky Solids & Marls (Vintage)
none left in stash
5.5 skeins = 902.0 yards (824.8 meters), 550 grams
114 4 09
October 5, 2009

5/10/09 - I gots all the yarn! Now I’m waiting for next month so this can be a HPKCHC class project (hopefully).

1/11/09 - Started! Got 8” (though I have to frog some, knitting in the dark isn’t exactly ideal) done during HP & HBP at Cosford (yay for stockinette! mindless knitting!). I’m already at least halfway done with the first ball of yarn, so I can see how sweaters eat yarn up like a {insert desired expletive}.

6/11/09 - Perhaps a foot? I need my tape measure from Knit Picks to come in. Note: Front, 25%; Back, 25%; Sleeves, 25%; Blocking, 5%: Seeming, 15%; Collar, 5%. later Used up the first skein.

19/11/09 - Finished the back! Rather quickly too. I had about half the back done when I started at work today, so I finished the second half in about four hours, I would say? Thank Bob for bulky yarn, US10.5 needles, and mindless stockinette.

21/11/09 - Done with the front! I actually finished most of it last night at the Knitting Garden, but I finished the last couple inches of the main body and the set-up shaping for the collar today.

22/11/09 - Started the first sleeve, plan on doing a bunch during Bruno tonight. Later Finished the first sleeve.

23/11/09 - Finished the second sleeve. This is the fourth addition to the pile of stuff-to-be-blocked. Luckily, I got my blocking wires today, and my roommate is going home tomorrow, a day early than expected, so all of this should be blocked in no-time. After that, it’s just seeming and the collar. It also is looking as though I’m going to have a left-over skein, which means Ethan’s getting a hat too.

26/11/09 - Happy Thanksgiving! Blocked!

30/11/09 - Done! I hate mattress stitch… (note to self: knit all sweaters from now on on the round with picked up sts for the sleeves whenever possible)

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November 1 2009
November 30 2009
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