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Gail - Ancient Runes OWL
Gail (aka Nightsongs) by Jane Araújo
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Tausendschön Lace
74 yards in stash
0.92 skeins = 849.2 yards (776.5 meters), 92 grams

“I knit the whole chart once and then rows 23-38 12 times”
^from someone using a comparable amount of laceweight^

30/1/11 - Started. Got through the whole chart plus half of the 12 additional repeats.

31/1/11 - 1.5/12.

20/2/11 - Picked it up again, almost at 5/12. Figured out that I’m going at a rate of 2%/hour. So… I need 15 hours of knitting time just on this in the next week in order to finish, which shouldn’t actually be that difficult if I knit through class. But then there’s the spinning… which needs quite a bit of pace pick-up.

21/2/11 - Had to re-crunch the numbers based on the amount of yarn left. Thank goodness I checked, because I had used 30% of the yarn at 20% done, according to the old figures. So, after the number crunching (yay for algebra!), made it 10 repeats after first chart instead of 12, making it 12 leaves total (including the ones with their tips in the edging), which is more accurate to all the pictures I studied.

10/3/11 - 8/10 reps done - 60%

13/3/11 - S**T! Have 25% more shawl and only 20% more yarn! Which means I have to rip out ~8 rows to go down a repeat, which is couple hours worth of work.

20/3/11 - Finished a few days ago while on the R/V FG Walton Smith. Just have to block now!.

21/3/11 - Blocking!

22/3/11 - Done! Gorgeous! I am kind of hoping for the weather to take a dip into the 60’s so I can wear it…

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January 30 2011
March 22 2011
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