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Spin, Spin, Spin - CoMC OWL
Needles & yarn
Dustland Fairytale
Dustland Fairytale
Bear Cut
Bear Cut
Springtime Dandelions
Springtime Dandelions
Rose Bush
Rose Bush

CoMC OWL - Bowtruckles for spindle spinning

Minis: 2-ply fingering
Rose Bush: 4-ply worsted, cable-ply 3-ply whatever.

Every 10g single is 5%, every 10g 2-ply is 2.5%, every 20g 3-ply is 3.5%.

31/1/11 - Done spinning the Miami single. Did andean bracelet, then the two-strand ball. Working on plying.

5/2/11 - Finished plying Miami Thursday, then promptly washed (hot water + eucalan + vinegar for the dye), twacked, and hung with a few hangers for weight. Was dry today. Started Bear Cut Thursday.

17/2/11 - Finished Bear Cut Friday? Saturday? Anyway, had a bit of a scare last night when I realized my little ball of Sunshine roving was missing. Turns out it had rolled out in the theater while I was watching Jurassic Park. Luckily some comm school guys were there when I went back this afternoon, and I found it. Of course, a few hours later, I discovered that the shaft of my spindle had snapped. I did a temporary fix with duct tape, but I really need to find some wood glue for a permanent fix. Luckily I had just ordered a spindle on Etsy this morning.

26/2/11 - Dustland Fairytale single finished - 27.5%

2/3/11 - Springtime Dandelions single finished - 35%

3/3/11 - Springtime Dandelions plied (37.5%). New spindle arrived (what timing!), got started on Rose Bush. Having slight issues drafting - the dying wasn’t kind to this batch (it needs a lot of pre-drafting). Trying to figure out what I’m doing, since it’s the first time I’m spinning a substantial amount of top.

6/3/11 - ~15g of single done for Rose Bush. 42.5%

7/3/11 - 20g single done. 47.5%

10/3/11 - First single done. 52.5%

21/3/11 - Another 10g done. 57.5%

25/3/11 - Second single done. 67.5%

26/3/11 - Really busted my tail, and got the third single done, wound the 3-ply ball, and wound a small, 2-ply ball with the leftover singles. Also started plying, really just getting the hang of it. 87.5%

29/3/11 - Done doing the big 3-ply! Twist being set as I type (note: good use of bungee cords). In the middle of plying the left-overs 2-ply and then I’ll be done!

30/3/11 - DOOOOOONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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