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Swallowtail - Charms OWL I
January 6 2010
February 11 2010
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Swallowtail - Charms OWL I
Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud
88 yards in stash
0.8 skeins = 352.0 yards (321.9 meters), 40 grams
Knit Picks
November 16, 2009

I need some pretty shawls to go with my dresses in case I hit a cold night in Miami.

6/1/10 - Cast on today, because I hit a point in At Last where I needed to remove myself from the comfy position on the couch to go fetch another ball of yarn and a stitch holder in the middle of a movie. I thought, “Naw, I’ll just cast on the swallowtail instead; all the stuff’s down here already.” I got thought the budding lace setup rows, and cast my first lifeline.

7/1/10 - Got through third budding lace repeat.

9/1/10 - Made a spreadsheet with percentage completion vs what repeat/pattern I’m on with the shawl.

12/1/10 - Finished rep. 6 of the budding lace.

30/1/10 - After a long hiatus, I’ve returned to the swallowtail! Seriously, I finished rep. 6 and it just sat there until a couple days ago, when I did a row and a half, and then today I got through rep. 9. I decided to pull out all the lifelines, because they were really just taking up time to put in, and they were more inhibiting my ability to fix mistakes instead of saving me.

4/2/10 - HUZZAH! Done with the budding lace repeats! Bring it on nupps!!!

5/2/10 - So, according to Merike Saarniit, the way you’re supposed to knit nupps is increase as per instruction, and then, instead of waiting until the next row to purl them together, you knit them together right there, just like a massive ssk.

9/2/10 - Ha! Done with nupps. Note to self: invest in some Knit Picks needles before doing another project with nupps. Blunt needles make nupps a pain the the butt.

10/2/10 - HUZZAH! DONE! It is now soaking in some lavender eucalan, and will be blocking over the next day or two.

11/2/10 - Yay! It dried overnight, so I got to wear it today! Just in time too: it decided to be just under 50 today (I’m in Miami, so that’s cold).

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January 6 2010
February 11 2010
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