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Camp Loopy Project Three
Rockefeller by Stephen West
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7/27 - casted on, FROG, Casted on, FROG - between cranky 10mos, Olympics and abstracts that have a looming deadline knitting suffered tonight.

08/20 - on vacation finishing up the slip knitting on the edge. The I cord bind off is killing me. Even if I am by the lake and drinking a beer.

08/27 - the sides took longer than I thought. It was deceiving - I thought it wouldn’t take a week but it did. Weaving in ends - required a glass of wine (or two) as well.

08/29 - hmmmmmm I liked the knit. It was a good mix of techniques. I am not happy with my colors. Rowan loves it. It reminds me of a Dalek.

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July 27 2012
August 27 2012
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