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Today I'll wear green lipstick
Lipstick by Joji Locatelli
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Cascade Yarns Cascade 220®
440 yards in stash
3 skeins = 660.0 yards (603.5 meters), 300 grams
September 3, 2015


  • larger armholes (see other projects)
  • longer sleeves in stockinette

26 ends sewn in. Took me the better part of an afternoon and an evening. Still need to add buttons & take proper photos though.

Finished. Phew. I still need to sew in the ends and block it, but the bulk is finally done.
I even had to use the 4th skein for the last half row and the BO. But. Done. That’s all that counts.

Still sleeving along. Booooooooring. Almost at the elbows, though.

Sloooooowly knitting the sleeves. I never thought stockinette could be that boring. Empires will rise and fall before I finish the sleeves.

I picked up the stitches for the sleeves, using TECHknitting’s added yarn method, and am now working on them TAAT.

I’ve finished the body!
My goal is to finish this in November, and tackling the remainder of the body was a big step on the way.

It was warm, and I didn’t want to knit on this big thing. But now I’m just a few rows away from the short-row-section on the back. Then sleeves and a buttonband and I’m done!
I want to finish this so I can wear it in the autumn. Doable, if I won’t neglect itag ain …

Halfway through the body. I’ll now tackle the arms because I’m a bit tired of knitting the body ;)

Both fronts almost done. The left one is a bit shorter, I need to add a bunch of rows, but apart from this, they are done. Time to put everything on one cable and knit the body!

Third time’s the charm, right? I attached the right front to the right side, but I forgot that I’m lefthanded and need to reverse directions. I should have knit the right front instructions for the left front. So in a fit of UAAAAAAARGH I ripped it all up. Started again an hour later. Now with added loose knitting, because I decided I was knitting to tight anyway. I will finish this, and if its too small eventually, I’ll block the living daylights out of it. And gift it to someone special. There are a bunch of knitworthy people.

Being on sick leave certainly has spurred my progress. I’ve already completed the first back part and am working on the right front now. As many other peeps who made this have made the armholes two sizes larger than given for their size, I’ll follow that advice. I do not possess elf-like arms, that’s for sure! :)

Started yesterday. I had to rip out all my progress because I screwed up the twisted rib in the first section. Booo.
But now I’ve caught up and am just two rows shy of the point where I was yesterday.
Also thanks to the tutorial linked in the pattern, I’ve finally got the provisional crochet cast on. Brilliant.
Also this goes so fast. Hooray for thick yarn!

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