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Air Crochet
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I devised this stitch mainly for crochet squares. I have since making up this stitched used it on just about everything. It is especially great if you like bright colors and change yarns a lot.

The instruction is also on one of my blogs, link below. This is how I make the double crochet at the beginning of a row - whether it is or is not a color change, and how I end the row. It gets rid of the dreadful “chain three” at the beginning of the row.

You can also use this method for single crochet, treble, and even half-double. I have used it on all sorts of fancy stitches like a bobble or puff, etc. Works like a charm.

There is a YouTube video on an elongated double crochet which I use at times to start another row if I don’t want to cut the yarn, and just want to keep going. Works quite well.

This is the link to my blog page - takes awhile to load. I have tried to make the instruction simple and cut out some of the extra info. The caveat is always that you have to cut the yarn and weave in the ends for each row unless you use the Elongated stitch.

Vanna’s Choice Fan Club tutorial

Learning and Loving Crochet

YouTube link

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May 21 2009
May 21 2009
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