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February 8 2015
February 9 2015
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PVC tablet/card loom
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This is my new loom! Made from lengths cut from a 10’ piece of 3/4 PVC available at my local hardware big box store. I constructed everything involved, though hubby very kindly added the turning holes for the cloth bar when a friend called unexpectedly. The holes will be turned using one of the collection of metal knitting needles that I was given. They’re grey, many are rather bent, and so though I don’t want to use them for knitting, one of them will be good as a sacrificial lamb for this loom.

I thought that I would need the primer and cement for the joints but it seems that I won’t need to. We’re keeping the stuff just in case because I haven’t really tried anything with it yet. The joints fit so snugly that in order to make sure that the cloth bar turns, I had to smear petroleum jelly to pipe and inside of the fixture before it would even budge!

2.5”, approximately squarish weaving cards were cut out and holes made in them last night while I was in a Google Hangout. They’re from a Chex Mix box that we’ve had laying around since we got back from visiting family at Christmas. I have several balls of crochet thread cotton hanging around and I’m hoping to get my first project on it warped today. I’ll add a picture when I do.

I think the cost for the loom was all of about US$7. Nice!

4 - T-shaped joints
2 - 90 degree corners with output (the 3-opening sorts of corners)
4 - 90 degree corners
One length of 3/4” white PVC pipe cut to following lengths:
4 - 2” pcs
6 - 6” pcs
2 - 12” pcs

I’ll be heading off to my local brewing/hippy store with it - Hubby had the idea that some rubber feet for the joints holding in and lifting the cloth take-up bar would be a good idea and I remembered that the local brewing/hippy store sells rubber stoppers in sizes well over the diameter we would need. If they’re out, I’ll hit the local school supply, which maintains a certain amount of science supplies, including rubber stoppers.

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February 8 2015
February 9 2015
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