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Random Patchwork Blanket
November 2007
February 13 2010
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Random Patchwork Blanket
Random Patchwork Blanket by Lotte Lodge
Me and sort of Shven
Needles & yarn

I’m not keeping track of how much yarn this project takes - I just knit a square every once in a while, and when I have a full row I stitch them all on to the blanket-in-progress.

7th August 2008
I just got back from Dance Camp Wales, and I feel that I changed a lot in those two weeks - it’s been intense, and good. So one of the squares is going to have my little fabric wristband sewn onto it, and the square itself will be knitted with my first set of wooden needles that I bought on market day there!

2nd November 2008
A new row, with squares by Steve and Katy! Co-ordinates to follow when I’ve got my head round the Gimp. :)

23rd February 2009
The sixth row, so the blanket is now square.

14th August 2009
Just added another row, but I can’t upload photos because I just moved house and my camera cable is in a storage container. Will get one up as soon as I can! 7x6 squares now. :)

14th February 2010
Yesterday I decided that even if I do have a few squares to add, and I may end up with more for the rest of my life, this blanket is big and useful enough to declare it finished. Even though I rarely work on it, the idea of it being unfinished is a little weight on my mind! So I can add rows whenever I like, but it’s technically finished so there’s no pressure. :)

Time to start a sock yarn blanket!

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November 2007
February 13 2010
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  • Project created: May 13, 2008
  • Finished: February 14, 2010
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