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June 8 2008
August 1 2008
Project info
Gothic lace shawl
Шаль-пелерина / Cape Shawl by Ольга Литвина/Olga Litvina
Hooks & yarn
3.5 mm (E)
Omega Sinfonia
109 yards in stash
6.5 skeins = 1417.0 yards (1295.7 meters), 650 grams
Hobby Lobby in Georgia
    ********** NOTICE **********

For pattern links please see this thread here on Ravelry.

This pattern is not my design nor do I own the copyright to it. I found it by asking around in some of my Yahoo groups for a shawl pattern that was not just the same pattern over and over and received it in e-mail. To date I have not found the designer nor have I found a source for it.


June 27, 2010
I wish I had a dime for every time someone has e-mailed me for a written pattern from this chart or a republished, easier to follow chart with English instructions. As many of you already understand, this is not a request I can legally comply with due to copyright. That being said, I do understand being totally lost looking at this chart and the information I have collected if you are not used to using charts.

Today I answered yet another request and thought I would pass on my answer to that person here on my project page for others. It may help.


The chart for this is really not hard. The collection of pages, if you have downloaded from me, are the result of a of of work and some expense on my part to collect what I could. I wanted to get as much information as I could as this pattern either as a shawl or doily is gorgeous and all the publication dates for it are in the 1980’s and out of print.

My original copy of the pattern was the Russian magazine publication with the full page photo of the model wearing the shawl. I did the two enlargements for myself so I could see the stitches better and chose to include them in the downloads as it really helped to make my first shawl.

After I posted that shawl here, I found out that this pattern started life as the Japanese doily published in the 80’s as well. I went on a massive search and found the designer, the book it was from and located one on E-bay to purchase. When I discovered that this version of the pattern, while done differently, had the stitch counts posted on it for each section, I was totally in love with it! I used both charts for my second shawl and this made things go a lot more smoothly as I did not have to sit there and count from the chart all the time.

Since I own the copyright for none of these I can not republish them in any form. I am technically violating copyright by handing it out at all, and that is not something I would normally do. If I had not spent so long first trying to locate someone to claim the pattern and sell it to or give it to people I would not be doing this at all. I created my 4share folder and have been allowing people here on Ravelry to download it. This is because my feeling that this beautiful design should not be lost outweighs my desire to follow the law in this case. I can not, however, bring myself to do any more.

This is probably why no one else has done it either.

It is really not hard. You have the full page chart, which was hard for me to read, so I broke it in two parts and enlarged them. You have the page with the stitch counts. You can sit down with the two of them and do the shawl easily by referring back and forth. It is chain stitches, single crochets and double crochets. Other than a couple of odd treble crochets thrown in, that is all there is to it. It only requires you to pay some attention to your work and that part is true if you are just learning or you have been doing this for 50+ years as I have.

You might like to do a swatch of a couple of the stitch repeats for maybe 15 rows or so to get a feel for it. I think you will see it is really not hard to do. That is the great part of it, the simplicity of the stitches.


February 2, 2009
It was a VERY CLOSE RACE but I won! I want to congratulate everyone who participated. There was not one winner in this but many. The talent of the crocheters here on Ravelry is truly amazing!

Also, I have added more pattern info on the pattern page, if you are interested.


January 26, 2009

I WON! Thanks to all of you, my shawl has won the best in it’s division for the year. Now on to the Grand Prize. LOL There is some stiff competition, though.

January 26, 2009
New information on this pattern!
With great thanks to weavermom there is a bit more info on this lovely pattern. I have always thought this had to be based on a doily pattern. As it turns out, it is published as a doily in a book called Nihon Vogue’s Fine Crochet Lace. If you follow the Amazon link and click on the “look Inside” tool, you can get a good view of the cover, which is our shawl as a doily! This book was published in 1986 but the copyright inside is 1982, just the right time frame for the shawl.

January 2009
The Crochet on Ravelry Group is having a contest for the best finished objects of last year and I have entered my shawl. I was hoping to encourage some of you to vote for it if you think it deserves notice.

The link for my project is and my shawl is message # 78. To vote, simply click the Agree button at the bottom of the message.



8/1/08 - Here are the photos! I had quite a fright with this as I nearly cut one strand of yarn in half while trimming the ends. I managed to rework the area, though. I was really depressed over it, after all that work, but it is fixed now and I am sure my daughter will love it!

7/20/08 - Finished the crochet work last night!!! Used about half of the 7th skein of yarn, so it is HEAVY! LOL

I will work on weaving the ends and blocking the next couple of days and then post photos of the completed project. I have to say, this is a cape and not a shawl. It fits over the shoulders beautifully and drapes so nicely I can hardly believe it.

Also, thebookmistress over on Book destash and ISO Library group actually found Marina!!! I have given you the link to the thread here and I have e-mailed her. I do not speak Russian so I am hoping she can read my English note, but hopefully we will get her to join us here on Ravelry!!! I would so love that!!

7/19/08 - I am nearly finished! I am working on the edging now and figure I will be done crocheting this evening. I have used over 1300 yards of yarn so far and figure the total will end up being around 1350 yards or so. This shawl is very heavy in the cotton! I wish I would have had enough of the rayon fiber as it would have been a better choice, but the cotton is gorgeous! I can’t wait to get the finishing touches on and to get it blocked!

Lots of attention to detail on this! You must pay attention to what you are doing or you will find yourself frogging a lot. The finished item is well worth the effort, though. Beautiful!

Also, as of July 6, 2008 I am starting my 5th skein of yarn and I have a feeling I will need a sixth and maybe even a 7th. I will edit the amount when I am finished.

06/08/08 - This is one of the prettiest pattern ever! I wish I could find more by this designer but so far I have had no luck.
This pattern is from a book called “Decorative Dress” by Marina Archangelskaya, published in

It was also republished in a magazine, which is how I came to have a copy.

I have searched many times for the title but since it is in Russian, I really have no clue as to how to look.

I will post photos soon.

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June 8 2008
August 1 2008
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