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Deco Beanie
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October 16 2012
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Deco Beanie
Olivia's Butterfly by Valerie Whitten
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Converted the pattern to knitting rather than crochet.

Ok, I have to say i’m not in love with this yarn-it feels sticky to work with. I think i’m becoming a yarn snob.

That being said-I was trying something new here and didn’t want to attempt this with “good” yarn. Also, she’s so little right now that in 3 weeks this hat probably won’t fit and I can make her a new one out of something better.

I wanted something knit rather than crochet because I just love the look and feel of knit fabric for worn items. However, I LOVE the Olivia hat and had made one for her older sister and I wanted them to be able to match.

It was a little tricky, seeing as the original hat is top down, and to knit this I thought it best do do bottom up.

I cast on around 58 stitches (I think?), worked the first round in kn1, p1.
The rest was worked in stockinette. When it came to the butterfly detail, I bound off 14 stitches (I think), worked to the beginning of the bound off 14, turned purled back. knit forward again, then cast on 14 stitches over the first 14 that were bound off.When I came around to them, I bound them off again.

repeated that two more times, and half way through the last “bar” (the body of the head) i pulled a stitch down and around all of them, pulling it back up..and then continued to knit.

I used basic pinwheel decreases.

Two things that I think would make this hat look nicer (besides nicer wool)
Fingering. I think this would look a lot better in a finer weight yarn, especially for hats this small. Maybe if it were larger the worsted would be ok, but this is tiny. Finer yarn would make it look more delicate.
Second, I think maybe, rather than adding cast on stitches for the bars, maybe those should actually be crocheted, and then joined back on the other side and continued to be knit.

I don’t know if any of this makes sense to anyone…but that’s that. I’ll try this again in a little while and hopefully take/make better notes of it as I go.

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October 16 2012
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