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January 13 2012
January 15 2012
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Lab Rat DIY Kit
Lab Rat by Emily Stoneking
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Needles & yarn

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Love knitting? Love biology? Don’t love paying someone else to do your knitting for you?

Step right up ladies and gentlemen and witness first hand the wonders of the DIY Kit!

Yes! You, too can knit your very own super-cuddly dissected lab rat.

This kit includes:

~ Lab Rat knitting pattern
~ Kid mohair yarn in lab rat white
~ Merino wool/silk blend yarn for the ears and tail
~ Polyfil stuffing
~ Wool roving to make the needle felted guts,
(including blue yarn for intestines and red
yarn for extra bloody detailing)
~ Black yarn for the X’d out eyes
~ 8 T-pins
~ White sewing thread

This kit does not include:

~ Knitting needles
~ Needle felting equipment
~ Sewing needle
~ Dissection tray or frame for displaying your rat
~ Any ‘how to knit’ instructions. (I try to make my patterns very clear and easy to follow with lots of photos, but they do assume prior knowledge of knitting terms and abbreviations.)

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January 13 2012
January 15 2012
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