Keychain Globe
September 6, 2010
September 9, 2010

Keychain Globe

Project info
Planeetta Maa by Soile
Alton Brown
Needles & yarn
US 000 - 1.5 mm
Aunt Lydia's Fashion Crochet (Size 3)

It only took me a day to actually knit the globe. It’s the size of a large walnut. I modified the chart some. Dark line between the sections of the globe so it is easier to tell which stitches are on which needle. Also in the left column which inc/dec to be made, stitch counts, round number. It’s an OpenOffice spreadsheet file. Not sure how to add that to the project or if Soile needs to add it to the pattern page.

3-1-11 click on the chart then right click select view image. That should enlarge it enough and make it printable.

English Translation:
“The Earth has been knitted as a circular pattern from the south pole to the north. I used Novita 7 Brothers -yarn (bright blue and lime green) but you can choose practically any blue and green yarn that fits double pointed needles 3.0 (US 2)
Start by casting on 8 stitches, divided on four needles.
Knit the first round. 8 stitches
Round 2: kfb the first stitch on each needle. 12 stitches
Round 3: knit 2 stitches, kfb on last stitch. 16 stitches
Continue in pattern until you have ? stitches.

“When making a (kirjoneule) you can leave the yarn ends behind the patterns a bit shorter, because it will be spherical”
Don’t worry about leaving a long span when carrying the yarn. It isn’t meant to lay flat but be round.

“Do decreasing like in the pattern, so that when the decrease is at the beginning of the needle you SSK at the beginning of each needle, and when the decrease is at the end of the needle, you do k2tog”

Now, the way I’d write the pattern,
cast on 8 stitches (if you use Emily Ocker’s cast on this means the first rnd has already been knitted. )Divide on to 4 DPNs. Instructions are for each needle with total stitch count after. (I mostly knit lace and appreciate being able to count my stitches for each repeat as well as knowing my total count.) I’m using the right leaning increases (rli) and the left leaning increases (lli) on the ends.
Follow the chart for the color changes.

Rnd1 Knit 2 2 st on ndl, 8 st total
Rnd2 rli, k2 3 st -> 12 st
Rnd3 k3, lli 4 st -> 16 st
Rnd4 rli, k4 5 st -> 20 st
Rnd5 k5, lli 6 st -> 24 st
Rnd6 rli, k6 7 st -> 28 st
Rnd7 k7, lli 8 st -> 32 st
Rnd8 rli, k8 9 st -> 36 st
Rnd9 k9, lli 10st -> 40 st
Rnd10 rli, k10 11st -> 44 st
Rnd11 k11, lli 12st -> 48 st
Rnd12 rli, k12 13st -> 52 st
Rnd13 k13,lli 14st -> 56 st
Rnd14 rli, k14 15st -> 60 st
Rnd15 k15, lli 16st -> 64 st
Rnd16 k16 16 st -> 64 st
Rnd17 rli, k16 17st -> 68 st
Rnd18 k17, lli 18st -> 72 st
Rnd19-29 k18 18 st 72 st
Rnd30 ssk, k16 17st -> 68 st
Rnd31 k15, k2tog 16 st -> 64 st
Rnd32 k16 16 st -> 64 st
Rnd33 ssk, k14 15 st -> 60 st
Rnd34 k13, k2tog 14 st -> 56 st
Rnd35 ssk, k12 13 st -> 52 st
Rnd36 k11, k2tog 12 st -> 48 st
Rnd37 ssk, k10 11 st -> 44 st
Rnd38 k9, k2tog 10 st -> 40 st
Rnd39 ssk, k8 9 st -> 36 st
Rnd40 k7, k2tog 8 st -> 32 st
Rnd41 ssk, k6 7 st -> 28 st
Rnd42 k5, k2tog 6 st -> 24 st
Rnd43 ssk, k4 5 st -> 20 st
Rnd44 k3, k2tog 4 st -> 16 st
Rnd45 ssk, k2 3 st -> 12 st
Rnd46 k1, k2tog 2 st -> 8 st

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September 6, 2010
September 9, 2010
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