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(Batty) Bertha Bling
January 1 2017
January 9 2017
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(Batty) Bertha Bling
Inner Beast by sharon maher
IFFF group challenge
Hooks & yarn

I started with the pattern instructions for the body, but freeform took over just as I reached the leg holes.

What happened then I can only describe as innovative.

A bit of a Budha style tummy, and other curvy body shapes, appeared. She had driven her way into my head and was creating herself.

She is 16ā€ tall in a siting position, and 27ā€ from toe to crown.

Half woman / half beast. She occupies her days by creating havoc and laughing very loud. In just the nine days that I have known her she has kicked over my water glass twice, hidden the back door key, left a tap running in the bathroom, tipped a box of my yarns over, worst of all, left a hand/claw print in the un-set jelly.

Her name is Bertha Bling but her friends affectionately call her Batty for short.

She is by far the craziest woman, or thing, that has ever come to live in my house (although my family would say that Iā€™m almost at the top of the crazy list).

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January 1 2017
January 9 2017
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