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November 25, 2013
December 12, 2013
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Minion by Stefanie Prautzsch
La ragazza di un amico del mio ragazzo (The girlfriend of a friend of my boyfriend)
Hooks & yarn
1.75 mm
DMC Coton Perlé 8
Scraps of pearl cotton in blue, black, white, brown

I used pearl cotton.
Yellow and blue yarns are size 8, brand unknown (they are leftovers with no label attached). I was looking for a size 8 black but I found only DMC Coton Perlé 5, skein.

I used a PRYM steel hook size 7, about 1.7 mm.

Gauge is a bit stiff, but it’s ok for this kind of amigurumi.

I made modifications to the arm’s end, to make a nice shoulder join. Instead of doing
“SC 6 to 8 rounds, Sl St”
I did
R3-7: 6 SC
R8: 4 SC, Chain 1, turn
R9: SC in the second SC of the previous row, SC in the next st, Sl St, snip thread leaving a tail.

I also embroidered the eyes instead of using felt and paint.

For the second minion, the one on the right, I ran out of blue yarn and used the best substitute I had, but it’s a bit thicher then the other one.
And I didn’t have so much time to embroider the face (it took me so much time to make a good job for the first minion!) and the result shows the lack of accuracy ^^“

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November 25, 2013
December 12, 2013
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100% Cotton
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