Flower Power and Denim Fuzzies
April 3, 2016
April 3, 2016

Flower Power and Denim Fuzzies

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Though I didn’t follow a pattern here is basically what I did for my favorite hat so far:

With some hippie, flower power orange, pink, purple variegated yarn, I mixed more of that fuzzy denim stuff. I purled one knit one around the loom until I had about four inches. Then I knitted until I had the amount for the best hat ever. Still have a lot of the yarn so I will try to make another just like this one.


I like this stuff so much and have so much of it that I have added another one, and I’m starting a third right now. :-)


And I’ve done another one. I ran out of the hippie variegated yarn just as I finished the brim part. Then I found a half used skein of orange, brown and yellow variegated. I took a couple more pictures. I’m finding I can do a cap a day now. :-D


Yep, I’ve managed a cap a day. Until today, I made sure that the fuzzy denim was used with other yarns of the donated bounty. It gives such a wonderful, magic to the way each cap turns out.

Yes, that is an oatmeal container. I use my yarn winder to make pull-from-the-middle balls like I did with the huge ball of the denim fuzzy. That ball to the left is what was left of it at the time of the picture. These containers keep the yarn from tangling and keep the cats from making a mess of it.

The turquoise is the last yarn I’ve started using as the base color because it’s so soft and pretty. I sure am enjoying making these. I hope whoever gets them enjoys them and receives good health and increased wealth so as to hold together friends and family.


Okay, just finished another today. I realized when I mentioned about the oatmeal boxes I forgot to mention Pringles containers work well for thinner and smaller balls or skeins. I can pull from any number of yarns and smoothly work them into my projects. I love working like this. The only problem with the Pringles containers is that it means there are no more Pringles! Darn if I’m not addicted to these. I try to only eat them on our bi-monthly trips to Bend so I can keep the binge to only a day or two. ;-)


Yep, still making these. Still nearly one a day. In these last couple, I have added cotton thread to the crown parts. I don’t want to put it in the brim as I think it a bit scratchy for the ears and face, but I think it may make the hat a little cooler for the warmer weather.


Though this started out with that wonderful fuzzy denim looking yarn, once it ran out I continued making hats with other donated yarn. My last was with some split-pea soup color yarn yet very separatable. It is very soft so I used it with a stronger worsted. It seemed like a finer Red Heart type but felt like it would help give shape to the brim of the hat yet leave it very soft for the ears and forehead. Once past the brim I moved from the knit one purl one to just straight knit around the loom. Here I added a couple cotton threads of varied colors just to add interest. I am still addicted to loom knitting. I can’t wait to start the next one.


The split-pea soft fuzzy green yarn--I finally got down to the label--the donator had pulled from the center then wound it around the label. Must have been a frogged project. ;-) Anyway, here is the info: Vickie Howely for Caron, Stitch. Rock. Love. Sheep (ish). It is 70% Acrylic 30% Wool 0020 Chartreuse (ish) Lot 03/2011 That was mixed with a lighter weight 4-ply of a darker olive green. I made the brim of this because it is very soft. Now I hope that the person who gets it isn’t allergic to wool. And there was a little left so I am starting my next hat with the same combination. Look, I usually don’t like wool against my skin yet this felt nice, sooo, here’s hoping the recipient will like it, too.


This last hat, the one that has the lime/split-pea green brim, has a combination of blue (turquoise). red, dark olive green and glittery peach threads. For some reason, I loved that combination. At first, it made me think of the colors on most maps (those old fashion one you had to fight to fold) then suddenly it made me think of comic book colors. Since the brim is extra soft and the rest of the hat is cotton, I think it will be nice for spring/summer/fall. I hope the recipient enjoys wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it,

I am nearly out of donated yarn. Yikes! But I think I will work with some of my one yarn to make some wash/dishcloths while I wait for more yarn to come to me. I probably need to find more patterns for the look or crochet a bit. But the loom knitting is SO easy and fast now that I know what I’m doing, that I just want to continue.


Interesting how this one turned out. I have a lot of baby yarn, kind of a pastel lime. But I wasn’t in the mood for a baby hat. So I started this hat with the baby yarn, to feel good against the face. Then so that the hat will be ‘breathable’ I combined one strand of the baby yarn with a dark drab green cotton, then added this cotton peach that has a strand of gold running through it. In the next section, I left off with the baby yarn and added a thicker yarn with a darker pastel green. I let that go in the next section and gradually added back in the baby yarn on the crown. I think it turned out pretty good. I really didn’t think it would turn out, but… I am nearly out of yarns now. I need to call, tomorrow and pick up more. By the way, the donation of yarn from people fill up two full rooms. I used to feel bad because I couldn’t afford real yarn and could only us Plarn but now I am in crafty heaven because they send me home with bags of yarn to play with. Still, I feel I need to use up my plastic bags. My ecological duty, as it were. ;-)


I started and finished the little baby/child pastel green hat yesterday. I don’t like making the littler hats. My hands get too cramped. I don’t like doing just one color either. I need the variety and challenge of adding colors. I need to learn a new pattern as this is starting to get boring. But still enjoying working with the loom.

Sorry people that like pom-poms. I don’t like them and I don’t like making them.


With this last green and pastel green hat I learned how to get rid of the loops at the bottom of the hat. It took a long time to do it. I learned it from a YouTube. But there has to be a way to not have them to begin with. Still I am loving the loom!


The hat just before the green stripe one didn’t photo very well. That part that looks black is actually shadow. It has a green brim with three threads for the head of the hat. I felt that the cotton on the head would make it cooler for warmer weather. These are still fun. I think I need a 12-step program! ;-)


The last two pictures are variations on a theme. I took the pattern of the hat I have been making in all color and stripes and added a sun-shade. I just crocheted around the brim increasing until I had a nice shade. I think this will work out well for those who might want the slouchy room to tuck hair up into the hat (made cooler by the cotton threads) and yet have the relief from the sun. I think I want to make one of these for myself. Maybe adding buttons so that it could be made into a proper hat if the slouchy part isn’t needed--a convertible hat as it were. ;-)

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April 3, 2016
April 3, 2016
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