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My Not Cabled Sweater
August 16 2014
April 9 2015
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My Not Cabled Sweater
#08 Fretwork Pullover by Shiri Mor
Small, but with US6 instead of US5 where I got gauge
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Bergère de France Berlaine
624 yards in stash
13.63 skeins = 1335.7 yards (1221.4 meters), 681 grams
bergere de france boucherville
April 28, 2012

Blogged here!

April 23, 2015: If you look on the blog, you’ll see I had some trouble with the armhole being too big in the back. I have some close ups of how I fixed it.

This pullover has skinny sleeves -- you may want to go to a bigger size than you are used to.

ERRATA for Small: p.94, left column, “Remainder of cable panel”
Row 3 should start: K6 (10, 10, 10), not [K2,p2]…

September 25, 2014: Body is blocking (no sleeves yet). I think it’s a good idea to line up the panels in a row to get the right length on each piece, as they stretch easily in that direction. The pattern recommends to block, then sew in ends, then block again. I simply sewed in the ends and only blocked once. Looks great. I’m mattress seaming up the pieces now, I always like finishing the body and collar before starting on the sleeves!

Another disaster: one of my pieces has a stain on it, looks like tea, my nemesis. Luckily it’s a side panel which is made identically twice. This means I could have it at the back instead of the front, AND I duplicate stitches fresh yarn over the stain to try to hide it. I’m satisfied, it’s not a bad fix, actually.

September 15, 2014: Finishing all the body pieces with the center panel I noticed that one of my cords didn’t weave properly (see photo). Uh-oh, wasn’t going back. To fix this sort of thing, snip in the middle of the row where a cord will be under, and undo the short ends. Re-weave correctly and catch your loops on two needle ends. One side will be a half stitch off from the other, but that won’t matter, it will curl under and not show. Now use kitchener stitch with a new piece of yarn to graft. Pull and tug stitches, reducing slack and making it all look normal!

August 24, 2014: First center panel finished! See photo of giant spaghetti that it looks like at the start, crazy.

Conversation with girl on the bus:

Girl: What are you making?
Me: A sweater.
Me: I know it’s hard to believe. But it IS a sweater. See? This is a panel.
Girl: Ohhhhh, I see! I thought you were making an octopus.


August 17, 2014: I couldn’t resist this pullover, I needed to know how it was done. Plus, I have tons of things like this on my Pinterest Knitspiration board, and knitspiration means you’re going to design it someday, right? (um, dayana, stop casting-on so many projects then).

I got gauge on US5, but the 34” circumference was worrying, as I prefer 36”. So, I used US6 which sometimes gives me a negligible difference, but it’s not like I swatched it to find out! Oops.

Anyway, the whole thing is basically ribbed, and to show the “cables” (which aren’t cables at all, but small 8-row strips that are woven through each other as you go), you really do need negative ease. Pick a size smaller than you would normally pick, that’s my advice to you.

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August 16 2014
April 9 2015
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