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October 1, 2015
September 25, 2016
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#15 Multidirectional Cap Sleeve Top by Irina Poludnenko
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
856 yards
59 yards in stash
257.0 yards (235.0 meters), 100 grams
Orange Pink Yellow Blue
September 23, 2015
Navy Blue cotton, doubled
1304 yards in stash
4.12 skeins = 599.5 yards (548.1 meters), 206 grams
Dark blue

Blogged here!

September 5, 2015: I had to re-do both short row sleeve caps because they were huge as written in the pattern! (instructions below)

Also, this is way too short; I’ll have to pick up a garter stitch hem. It’s always a challenge to pick up enough stitches so that it’s not too tight and few enough stitches so it doesn’t flare. I’m sure to try it more than once!


2nd short row section:
1st row, k to 1st wrap.
(d1, k13) 4x, d1, w&t.
p w&t, k w&t, p w&t as per instructions
k5 after wrap, d1, k5, d1, k5, d1 (center), k4, d1, k4, d1, wt.
p w&t as per instructions, k to end, p to end.

Next garter row:
k to wrap, d1, k11, d1, k10, d1 (center), k10, d1, k11, d1

3rd short row section:
5th row, dec 2 sts at center.

4th and final short row section:
5th row, dec 2 sts at center. ~44sts in sleeve.

October 26, 2015: After finishing the rectangle first steps, I realized I had a tighter gauge than the pattern. Oops! To fix this, I added repeats to the sides before starting the short rows for the shoulders. I think I may have now overdid it, though!

This piece is so much fun.

September 28, 2015:

I scored a $5 bag of Noro-like scraps at Goodwill. Almost all is from the same colorway. I spit-spliced them all together in some kind of order and then measured using my yardage meter: 316 yards to play with! I’m alternating with some unknown navy blue cotton I have a ton of.

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October 1, 2015
September 25, 2016
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