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A Hexagon of Hexagons
March 12, 2015
June 30, 2015
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A Hexagon of Hexagons
CAL Cushion by Lisa Richardson
Hooks & yarn
3.25 mm (D)
735 yards = 7.5 skeins
Rowan Fine Tweed
333 yards in stash
1.6 skeins = 156.8 yards (143.4 meters), 40 grams
Rowan Fine Tweed
167 yards in stash
2.3 skeins = 225.4 yards (206.1 meters), 57 grams
Rowan Fine Tweed
211 yards in stash
1.85 skeins = 181.3 yards (165.8 meters), 46 grams
Rowan Fine Tweed
221 yards in stash
1.75 skeins = 171.5 yards (156.8 meters), 43 grams

Need a tutorial on how to make your own hexagon cushion insert? Visit my blog!

June 8, 2015:

My cushion is sewn and waiting for an insert!

SEWING: I single crocheted on the outside of each hex. The seams on the outside are lovely -- but they aren’t comfortable to lean against or lie your head on. If you want the pillow to lean on, you may want to invert.

ORDER OF SEWING: Ideally, you want an end left at each join from one of the 3 directions to close up any holes. I started by doing a concentric circle around the center motif, then seamed up to the next concentric circle and went around. At some point I had to stop and do the other side to meet up. I left about 3 hexagons worth open to insert the pillow.

The different sizes of the hexagons is definitely noticeable in my unfilled cushion. In the interior some seams have excess material where one of the hexagons in the seam was bigger. On the exterior, the points of the large hexes stick out way more (upper right in wood picture), while the smaller ones pucker in at their centers (lower middle in wood picture). My goal is to make a thick cushion that will minimize that stuff.

I blocked with serious stretching, on a rug. Each side was 12 inches long with a hard stretch.

I bought some Kona quilt backing fabric to make my pillow, and polyfill. Wish me luck sewing!

May 31, 2015:

I originally was going to use cream to seam, but then decided on black. I sewed everything up using crochet seams on the right side, leaving 3 hexagons worth of opening.

I bought 2/3 yard of gorgeous Kona cotton quilt backing in steel to sew my own cushion. I’ll fill with polyfill.

To block (essential! it really is totally buckling in the corners from the different sized hexagons!) I stretched and forced each side to 12” long. Because I had to stretch to do this, I figure a 12 5/8” sided hexagon with be fine to fit and stretch out the motifs.

Clue 7: Magic ring start. End dc with 2 ch in each corner again. I hate the sc end only, it ends up looking round!

Clue 6: Magic ring start. This one is huge, very annoying.

Clue 5: Magic ring start. End dc with 2 ch in each corner.

Clue 4: In the Rowan CAL Clue 4 thread (Rowan Yarns group), some people did this another way and it looks so much better, with real hexagon angles. It was too late by the time I saw! Magic ring start.

Clue 3: Magic ring start. Not a fan of working into chains, need to chain loose right before!

Clue 2: Chain start. Hexagon too small (as many have noticed), I finished with double crochet instead of single to get it to match in size, and I added 2ch in each corner because it was coming out like a disc!

Clue 1: Magic ring to start. I’m carrying the yarns up the wrong side because the cushion will hide it! Always using invisible join at the end.

A CAL from Lisa Richardson, rock on!

Ascending order of colors, with the cream color being the most used.

191yds Summerlite/50g vs. 98yds Fine Tweed/25g

For cushion?
A: 4 Arncliffe (cream)
B: 2 Leyburn (yellow)
C: 2 Monsal Dale (blue)
D: 2 Pendle (black)

But I’ve got 5 Arncliffe and 4 each of the others, so maybe I need to make me a bigger cushion. It’s a hexagon (which is an impossible filler shape to find, by the way?)

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March 12, 2015
June 30, 2015
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