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July 30, 2015
February 4, 2017
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Candice by Kim Hargreaves
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
US 3 - 3.25 mm
Rowan Panama
37 yards in stash
9.75 skeins = 1443.0 yards (1319.5 meters), 487 grams

Blogged here, along with my new kitten Tiger Shrimp!

January 9, 2015: Body all put together! I always like finishing a body completely before attaching sleeves. It makes it much easier to finish because I feel so close.

Something went really wrong with the pockets. The length of the pockets extended into the ribbing of the body (which is bad because it shows an ugly horizontal shadow when you sew them in). I had to remove rows from the pockets so that they met up with the top of the ribbing. This means the pockets are rather shallow, but that’s really not a problem because they aren’t really meant to be used. The fabric and drape would never tolerate something in there, except maybe a piece of paper!

My guess is that the pocket instructions are right, but the row where you insert the pocket is wrong. I haven’t gone back to the pattern to see whether it was me or them. I’ll do that when the final product is together.

A note on buttons: when you are at a thrift shop and you see a little dollar or two dollar bag of buttons, BUY! I had these stashed away and there were exactly 11, a number you honestly never have and can never find enough of at the button store.

September 16, 2015:

A nice TV project -- or so I thought. This yarn is hard on the hands. It will do its own thing, you should just try to deal with it loosely so it settles whatever way it wants. Don’t fight it!

It’s the kind of yarn where you can easily drop a stitch, or pierce it so that a thread loops out of the yarn. :( I dropped a stitch forever ago (green stitch marker), I’ll just weave it shut with another piece of yarn!

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July 30, 2015
February 4, 2017
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