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Keepin' It Square Rowan KAL
April 17 2014
June 24 2014
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Keepin' It Square Rowan KAL
Pure Wool Worsted Mystery Afghan KAL by Martin Storey
One size
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted
315 yards in stash
15.56 skeins = 3407.6 yards (3115.9 meters), 1556 grams

Follow my afghan around the world here!

Details on how to use short rows to make corners in your trim, and ideas about sewing here!

MAKE-UP SCHEMATIC: My square oder will work great for the 9-color blanket, too (if you did 1 clue in all one color). Feel free to use!

TRIM: You can add corners to your trim using short rows! I have a formula on my blog, but you need to be experienced with short rows to follow. I’ve decided on an alternate 2-cable trim that is a bit wider and flatter.

RS: P2, K6, P1, K6.
Cable row: P2, C6F, P1, C6R.

SQUARE 8: Now THIS square shouldn’t be done like the photo, stick to the chart for the right height.

SQUARE 7: This square should only have 9 cables (like in the photo). It’s the perfect size. You may run out of the yarn with 10 cables!

SQUARE 6: I wasn’t a fan of the hugs/doughnuts (Os) and decided on kisses instead (Xs).

When you get to Row 11, do Row 13 instead. When you get to Row 13, do Row 11 instead. Same for the next section, switch Row 25 for Row 23 and vice versa.

SQUARE 5: If any adventurous sorts want to try a tight bobble with no turning:

K1, yo, K1 into st.
Transfer 3 sts back to left needle. K3.
Pass 2 right-most sts over left st (1 st left).
Transfer st to left needle and knit through the back loop.

I added 1 row extra of purl bumps in the top and bottom garter as usual.

SQUARE 4: I preferred using “sl1, sl1, k1, psso” as opposed to “sl2 tog, k1, psso” (centered double decrease) to simulate the twists of bon bon wrappers!

This square was really short for me. In addition to my added garter rows on top and bottom, I added 2 rows of st st above and below the lace motif.

SQUARE 3: This square is long, finally! Still added extra purl bump rows on top and bottom (a whopping 4 now!)

SQUARE 2: I omitted a row above and below the start motif so I could work it from the right side.

Did not add the extra purl bump row for garter, as it magically appeared this time.

April 17, 2014: The first clue is out! The picture shown is a square before my mods. I added a row above and below so that TWO PURL BUMP ROWS will be showing after sewing (see exact instructions below). This is to make the square taller (I had to stretch it to get to 20cm, but it is already too wide at 22cm) and to give the afghan more texture.

I will be doing a solid color blanket in Hazel 128. The afghan needs 18 balls of Pure Wool Worsted, or ~4000 yards. HOWEVER, there is 22g per ball left after the 3 squares required, meaning that I will probably only need 15 of those balls.

How do I know this? Well, I was lucky enough to get the first clue as a test knit, it’s a great square! It is completely suitable for beginners but keeps the interest of more advanced knitters.

Top and Bottom mods for 2 PURL BUMP ROWS after sewing instead of 1:

Long-tail cast-on is RS. Next row (WS): Knit.
Start Row 1 chart.

End chart. (WS): Knit another row. (RS): Bind-off.

68cm length = 41sts for long-tail cast-on.

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April 17 2014
June 24 2014
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