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Scraptastic 2
June 13, 2015
April 20, 2016
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Scraptastic 2
Needles & yarn
US 11 - 8.0 mm

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September 2, 2015: Look at crazy me, one skinny sleeve and one huge sleeve! Don’t worry, it’s not staying that way. Ok: as per the photo I was emulating (see last pic), the sleeves are oversized.

I cast-on in the round the width of one large sleeve opening x 2, adding 10sts for 5 st steeks between the two sleeves. This made it possible to symmetrically stripe both sleeves, yahoo! I decreased from the top down every 8 rows, ribbed the bottom, crocheted my steeks, cut and sewed them in.

But then I tried it on.

And I just couldn’t handle the huge sleeves, I felt like Swamp Thing!!

So, I single crocheted a line along the mega sleeve for a skinny sleeve, machine stitched and re-cut. Because this was a drop sleeve, it was easy to just sew a side seam up from where the circular part ended to where the new skinny sleeve started. (this would have been a disaster with a set-in sleeve)

I’m ready for the 2nd sleeve surgery now! I am so loving this sweater, by the way.

June 21, 2015:

I just had to try another scrappy sweater after the success of my first!

My inspiration is here on my Knitspiration Pinterest board.

This was more about small pieces then blending. I wanted to use up all the nonsense I had around, desperately. Pieces that were going nowhere except into a bird’s nest.

I wanted the front and back to be the same, so I used steeks for the drop sleeve holes.


  1. With US 11 needles, cast on 160 sts in the round, 2x2 rib. Use anything. Bulky to lace, 2 held together or 3, whatever you please. When a piece is done, just start a new one, it doesn’t matter where.
  2. After 3.5 inches, switch to stockinette, increasing every 16 sts to a total of 170 sts. Go go go, in the round.
  3. After 20 inches total, choose a side you want to be the front and thumb cast-on 5 sts for each sleeve steek. They should be 85 sts apart.
  4. After 7 inches start a 2x2 rib. You’ll have to decrease a stitch between each arm hole to 84 sts total.
  5. OPTIONAL: I wanted the front collar to be a little lower, as boat necks bug me. I added a steek after 48 sts (thumb cast-on 5 sts). I’m aiming to sew back the sides to make a notch.
  6. Rib for 2.5 inches. Put sleeve steek stitches on holders. 3-needle bind off 34 sts on each side for shoulders. Place remaining stitches on a circular and bind-off loosely in the round. If you want to bind off neatly in the round, check out my favorite TECHknitting post for this.
  7. Crochet two stitch columns to the left and right of where you will cut the steek (just Google for a ton of tutorials on this. Cut.

I will update this as I get to the sleeves. I plan on knitting both of them together with steeks so that they are identical. Wish me luck!

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June 13, 2015
April 20, 2016
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