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Sofia soft
February 24, 2011
July 1, 2011
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Sofia soft
Sofia Wrap by Kaffe Fassett
One size
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Rowan Kidsilk Aura
30 skeins = 2460.0 yards (2249.4 meters), 750 grams

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29Dec11: I was asked to describe how I weaved in all the ends in the back. Thanks, Capini, I’ve been meaning to explain! There are some new pics of close-ups of the back, and a cartoon of how I wove in. I cut relatively short ends to save yarn, so you’ll see that I wove into very few stitches (usually, 3 or 4 horizontal purl bumps, see cartoon). I then doubled-back into the 2nd to last purl bump I had already gone through and then came through that double-back to make a simple “knot”. The term knot is loose here! It is rather just secured into itself. In the close-up pics of the wrap, you’ll see how this occasionally ends up looking like a small circle. You’ll need a very short tapestry needle -- it is invaluable for short ends. I often had to re-thread the needle to get into the last loop. But if you have oodles of yarn, leave long ends! I hope the cartoon helps.

8July11: It was such a pleasure to make this and then wear it. It just takes my breath away. Kidsilk Aura is discontinued… find it while you can!

The pictures were taken at a cabin in the Réserve Faunique Portneuf in Quebec, where we had the lake to ourselves.

I ended up knitting 20 squares, which is more than the pattern specifies. I have a bunch of different yarns left, I could definitely make something else, perhaps this. It’s quite long and substantial -- I think that something like this needs to make a statement. It’s… ‘gourmet’ long.

To pick up stitches along the edge: I picked up 9 then 10 in the background color of the squares and 3 over the cross colors of the squares = 22 sts per square. I bound off tightly but still have a bit of a ruffle on the edge. I would recommend to reduce to 20 or 21 sts per square.

Some people are thinking about a lining. I would recommend against it because it would definitely interfere with the fabulous drape and warmth of this yarn. The back of it worked out because I avoided stranding the colors and I figured out an efficient way to weave in ends that is not too intrusive. I will take a pic of the back to demonstrate soon…

7Apr11: As usual, the yarn requirements are off: You will need only 2 Raspberry (instead of 3), but 2 of Mallard, Nearly Black and Damson (instead of 1). (this is just to do the length specified, but once you have the extra balls you will be able to go longer if you like)

31Mar11: My thoughts:

1) I think some would be tempted to do some fair-isle between the background squares of the same color, across the cross. But I wouldn’t recommend it. First, it doesn’t look good on the back. Second, it would pull the cross and make the fabric uneven. Thus, I have many many bobbins!

2) I found that the Kidsilk Aura is too slippery to hold the bobbins that will only have one stitch worth of knitting (the borders of each cross), when they are first inserted. By the time I would get to the end of the row, many of the bobbins with one stitch would have fallen out, therefore leaving live stitches. =/. To solve this, slip the stitch that you will add the bobbin to. When you come back for the second row of the new colors, slip in the bobbin then. Knit one stitch and then knit another stitch on top (for the next row), wrapping as usual with the bobbin before. By doing two rows at once you secure the bobbin properly.

3) Kidsilk Aura feels like a dream, but it doesn’t knit like one. This is probably specific to this project, though. It’s strange. It has properties that only emerge at the wrong moments. When you want to rip it out, it is impossible to undo, but when you want it to stay, it just slips right out. Hard to believe? For example, this wrap has a million ends, and the silk base is so soft that the mohair actually sheds off the ends leaving only silk. Anyone who has made anything with pure silk knows that it’s impossible to keep those ends well woven in. Frustrating! Worse, the silk is super-duper shiny, so you can see the end very well on the back. Mad-as-a-knitter suggested a mohair comb to hide everything. Nice!

4) There’s no way to get the vertical row gauge. Comparing to the picture, those rectangles are way taller than mine. I’m probably going to knit more rows of squares, but I’ll definitely run out of some colors of yarn. It will be fun to find new combos with whatever I have left… I hope!

5) I really really don’t like the Orchard color (bright minty green) in this wrap. It’s just the wrong warmth color. The Pistachio is not the greatest replacement (quite bright), but at least it has the same tone. I’m going to avoid using the Orchard as much as possible, though as I said, to get length I may have to improvise.

27Feb11: I can’t wait to wrap myself in this, I’ve coveted it forever. I feel like Aura will be discontinued soon…

I’m augmenting the green Orchard with Pistachio. Couldn’t find enough Orchard at a reasonable price.

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February 24, 2011
July 1, 2011
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