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Sweeties Baby
Nursery Baby in bunny suit by Ala Ela
Needles & yarn

This is the 13th time I have knit this pattern. I have knit other dolls, but this one is still my go to. Learned how to do wigs and this hair is my favorite!

Wig tutorial For my cap I started with 6 stitches and joined to knit in the round. First round I increased in every stitch. Second round knit, third round I set it up to increase 6 times evenly around the 12 stitches and continued to increase every other round until my cap was wide enough. Then I knit even until it was long enough. Working around the ears was a little tough when I attached it, but I think it came out fine. This is by far my favorite hair that I have done.

The Dress: I cast on 60 stitches which was way to many. The dress was almost a total failure, but I pulled it out of the ashes. My yarn/gauge was totally different so it came out far too big. I ripped out a bunch and then reduced my stitches drastically down to 40 by k1, k2tog and then down to 30 by k2, k2tog. I knit the dress for a total length of 4 inches, then worked 4 rounds of garter stitch (k1 round, p1 round, k1 round, p1 round) Cast of 20 stitches and worked two more rows of garter stitch. Cast off the middle 4 stitches and which left 3 live stitches on either end. I made the 3 live stitches into icords about 3 inches or so, and attached them in the back to make straps. I made an “X” out of them to keep them on the dolls shoulders. The hearts I found HERE.

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