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Lil' Bunny Twin
April 12 2014
April 12 2014
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Lil' Bunny Twin
Hooks & yarn
3.25 mm (D)

The yarn was given to me with no label; just random stash.Two crotchet hooks where used but only one was noted. The other hook is in the photo of another project: Lil Bunny Friend * the other (brown) bunny pal shown. Please refer to that project and its images to see the pictures of booth crotchet hooks and also some of the materials used. The second hook didn’t have a size noted on it) but when I used the ruler for hooks and needles to check the sizes, it was technically the same size going partially in the hole as the D hook but the hook itself is significantly smaller than a D hook and the shaft of the hook gradually get larger making it hard to tell the exact size (see pics one by itself and close for good look and another with the small hook next the D size hook for scale and comparison). The smaller crotchet hook is used to crotchet embroidery floss to make the carrot.

I found the pattern online but do not remember where but the download has the name Craftzine.com I have never been to the site before so I believe I had gotten from somewhere else but it has been too long ago to remember. I only know I had some knit and crotchet patterns in my arsenal and I wanted to find an easy to quickly but nicely make a gift for my grand daughter. I made little booties for her little sister and I did not want her to feel left out; Easter is around the corner…I had this pattern… :-D

The images noted to be with the other bunny is the the project done on April 10th among the my projects. I pretty much copied and pasted the notes with some editing to be more specific for this bunny the they where both done with the same needles and all the yarn used was un-label gifted yarn or unlabeled stash.

It is a free pattern, although not mine so if you have trouble finding it, let me know and I can upload a copy.

I did make a slight modification by using Pipe Cleaner (now called Chenille Stems by some crafter) in the ears make them posable, floppy cuteness.

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April 12 2014
April 12 2014
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