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January 14 2012
February 22 2012
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Bottoms Up by Alice Bell
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
elann.com Lara
518 yards in stash
6.25 skeins = 862.5 yards (788.7 meters), 312 grams
June 11, 2011

I did go to the trouble of doing gauge swatches for 3 different needles size (& I washed them and everything!)

Anyway. I see that a lot of people felt their tops came out too short. I did some math, technically the pattern should come out to about 11.5” from the bottom of the sleeve to the bottom of the top. That does seem a bit short, and I’m thinking 15” would be better. So I’d like to adjust it proportionally. I did more math: In medium the 1st section should be about 7”, second and third 3” each, and fourth about 2”. I think I’ll go with that since it works out near evenly, and we will see if I feel the need to make some adjustment as I get closer to the bust.

I took the larger bust advice and added 1” to the 3rd section, subtracted from that from the following section. If I had to do it over I’d probably make that just 0.5” added to the 3rd section but it’s nothing that makes me dislike the F.O. at all. (So that would be 1st - 7”, 2nd - 3”, 3rd - 3.5”, 4th - 2.5”, then in pattern from there.)

Seems like this took me longer than most projects like this do, my boyfriend even commented on that fact. I attribute that to small needles, lots of varied stitch types in each row, and also the yarn was a little too splitty here and there and could be a pain. Plus I screwed up and had to frog back several rows twice…after the second time I started marking my place in the pattern, which I should have been doing from the start. I even drew little circles for the number of yarn overs I was supposed to have in each section on the pattern, which actually helped a lot!

The fit and length came out pretty great. Love this pattern, and the little sleeves and fitted look achieved without increasing! Very cool.

Just a finally update that I just love wearing this. It’s really cute, comfy, and works with a lot of outfits!

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January 14 2012
February 22 2012
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