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Dragon Scales Stitch Pattern for Machine Knitting
Machine Knitting
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Standard Gauge Knitting Machine

These are a couple of versions of the Dragon Scales (aka: fish scales, knitted crocodile) stitch patterns for machine knitting. I called them the short version and the long version.

DrinaKnits gave me a head start on the short/mini pattern with the mini chart on her blog.

I revised the chart to eliminate the gap at the center of each scale shown on DrinaKnits’ blog. I also charted the pattern for machine knitting (see hand vs. machine knitting charts here).

I created a 2nd chart for the longer version of this stitch pattern. This is the same pattern as shown on the orange dress. If you prefer a longer scale, simply repeat rows #14 and #15 of the chart (10th image from the top) as much as you prefer.

For the swatch, I used:

  • 2-ply yarn
  • 100% acrylic
  • standard gauge knitting machine
  • Tension 8 - Although, tension 6 & 7 could be easily used for this yarn. It would have given a slender look of each scale.

By the way, here are some of the projects that I spotted on the internet using these patterns:

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March 23 2015
March 26 2015
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