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54. Polska
July 28 2010
August 9 2010
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54. Polska
Polska by SpillyJane
myself... or somebody else
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
263 yards = 1 skein
Knit Picks Palette
97 yards in stash
0.58 skeins = 134.0 yards (122.5 meters), 29 grams
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222 yards in stash
0.04 skeins = 9.2 yards (8.4 meters), 2 grams
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226 yards in stash
0.02 skeins = 4.6 yards (4.2 meters), 1 grams
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116 yards in stash
0.5 skeins = 115.5 yards (105.6 meters), 25 grams
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They are done, and I love them. I can’t wait for Fall to arrive. I know, us knitters are crazy.
This pattern is crystal clear. Super easy to follow. I had a hard time picking up the sts for the thumbs, but it’s my fault. I love, LOVE them. Plus, I have plenty of yarn left!

2010-08-13 I finished these during my vacation What’s left: blocking!

2010-08-04 Already passed the placement of the thumb on the 2nd mitten!

2010-07-30 Starting the thumb on the 1st mitten. Picking up the sts was a pain in the ss. I’ll use a bigger yarn next time.

2010-07-29 Starting the decreases on the 1st mitten!

2010-07-28 I had to go buy a new set of 2.25mm, because I only had 4 of them. And I learned the Long Tail Cast on. Easy and soooo useful! And so far, the pattern is SOO well written, it’s incredible! Bravo à toi, Spillyjane!
UPDATE: Already at the first thumb. These are addictive!

2010-07-27 Next project!

2010-03-31 Yarn arrived! These will be a nice project for Fall!

2010-03-21 Yarn ordered!

2010-03-12 Winter is almost over… I’m gonna make these for Fall… but I’m not forgetting them!

2010-03-02 Pattern purchased!

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July 28 2010
August 9 2010
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