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Someone else's Santorini
January 21 2013
February 8 2013
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Someone else's Santorini
Santorini by Marie Wallin
Jane Crowfoot
janiecrow on ravelry
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This Santorini is not for me!

Here you can see it being worn by Jane Crowfoot’s lovely daughter, who very kindly agreed to model it for us, with tulips in the background looking appropriately springlike despite the nasty weather outside!

Anyway! - less than three weeks knitting, start to finish.

I am so pleased with the finished garment. It looks absolutely stunning. All packed up and posted off now, on its way to its real owner.

You would not believe the number of ends there were to weave in at the back. I paused at one point to count the number of strands I had in use - there were more than thirty ends, on that particular row. And that was a fairly typical row, there might well have been some rows where there were more than that. I definitely spent much more time sewing in ends than I did actually knitting.

Nothing hard at all in the actual knitting, of course. As always with intarsia it is just a case of keeping your place in the chart (post-it notes! what would we do without them?), keeping the tension neat and tidy, and not worrying about the ends.

I did, however, stop every ten rows or so and tidy up the back, otherwise it would have been rather a lot to do all at the end.

I did enjoy knitting this garment, very much.

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January 21 2013
February 8 2013
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